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destroy a planet.

Host: A-A PLANET!!! Um, well, I'm afraid killing your opponent results in a-

Superman: Oh, I'm not dead; I just have a ringing in my ears. I'm guessing that was your strongest attack right?


Superman: Oh, that's nothing. I've taken more.

Goku: GEEZ! Back already! Just how fast are you!?

Superman: I'm considerable faster than the speed of light id say, now have I shown you enough my power for you to forfeit?

Goku: No way! I'm just getting started!

Superman: Do you have an attack more powerful that one that destroys planets?!

Goku: You bet I do! Just give me a second.

Narrator: Goku begins to charge his ki, the ring below him begins to crack and shatter. Superman is surprised at both the power and confidence Goku is displaying while Goku is getting more and more excited at the power of his opponent.

Superman: I see you really are an interesting opponent indeed.

Goku: (Charging ki) The same to you, RRRRRRRAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

Narrator: In a flash of light, Goku transforms into a Super Sayin. Superman looks on perplexed and amazed.

Superman: So this is your full power?

Goku: Nope, not done yet.

Superman: Huh?!

Goku: (Begins to charge ki again) Still got 2 more transformations.

Superman: W-what are you!

Goku: RAAAAAH! (Goes Super Sayin 2) I'm a Super Sayin, a legendary warrior from a race of powerful aliens. And you?

Superman: I am a Kryptonian, a race that gains incredible strength under a yellow sun.

Goku: COOL! I can't wait to fight you all out! Now get ready for my final transformation!

Narrator: Goku begins t charge for his final transformation. As he powers up the ring shatters below him and the shards of stone are shot into the sky and rain down around them. The Earth trembles as he charges and huge fissures form in the ground. Then in a bright flash of light and a shockwave that creates a large crater below him, Goku becomes Super Sayin 3.

Superman: So this is your true power, incredible!

Goku: So are you ready to fight for real now?

Host: W-what happened to the stadium!

Narrator: The Tenkiechi tournament area lies in ruble from Goku's energy. The people lay scattered unconscious among it.

Goku: Ooops, sorry about that. I guess we should move this fight somewhere else to avoid further destruction.

Superman: Agreed.

Narrator: Superman and Goku fly off in search of a battle ground while the tournament Host stares in disbelief at the destroyed stadium. The find a deserted rocky area with no signs of life around and land.

Superman: Tell me when to begin.

Goku: Ok, at the count of 3, 1 2 3 FIGHT!

Narrator: At an unimaginable speed Superman rushes at Goku. Goku barely can keep up with the speed and his hit in the chest and sent back crashing into the ground. A deep tunnel is left were he was sent flying, to deep to see the bottom. At the bottom Goku lays in shock.

Goku: Kc-kc-kc…h-how could he be so fast, kc-kc.

Superman: (Yelling) Are you already done!? You have just been hit with a punch capable of splitting a moon in half, is that really all you can take!?

Goku: (Yelling) I've taken a lot more than that!!! Your speed is just so incredible!!!

Superman: Good, if you were done already then that would be a huge disappointment. I want to see your maximum power! Lets go!

Narrator: Goku jumps to his feet and tries hard to locate any small source of ki Superman may have. Suddenly a massive amount of ki strikes him. Maybe since he isn't from this universe he didn't develop a ki level right away. Goku places his 2 fingers to his forehead and disappears to reappear right behind Superman and uses a ki blast that knocks Superman to his knees.

Superman: Little attacks like those do virtually nothing to me! Show me your real attacks!

Goku: Ok, then you do the same.

Superman: Lets go then.

Narrator: Goku and Superman make distance between each other. Superman awaits Goku's next move.

Goku: We'll both use our attack's at the same time, ready?

Superman: Go.

Goku: Ka-me-ha-meeeeee!

Superman: This again, I hope its stronger this time around.

Goku: HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Goku unleashes a Super Kamehameha. Superman quickly uses his heat vision and both attacks clash. Superman's heat vision is easily pushed back and Superman avoids the attack at the last second. Then Superman flies around at FTL speeds to hit Goku with an IMP but Goku isn't there.

Superman: Are you hiding?!

Narrator: Goku had used IT to teleport into some nearby forest area. There he began to charge an attack.

Superman: Show yourself! This fight isn't over!

Narrator: Goku finishes charging and uses IT to teleport behind Superman and unleashes the Full-Power Super Kamehameha he was charging close up. Superman vibrates his molecules and phases through the attack.

Superman: You almost had me there.

Goku: Ummmmm…..

Superman: What?

Narrator: Superman looks down and there is a huge hole in his torso. The ki in Goku's attack had incinerated the molecules in Superman's body, turning them into a fine gas like Kid Buu.

Superman: I-impossible!

Goku: Y-you seemed like you could take it…

Superman: H-how, W-who will protect Earth…(Superman dies).

Goku: I will?



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